Steve’s Top 8 Podcasts

A quick summary of my life: I do everything I can to mess it up and make it meaningless, and God continuously thwarts my plans. My time alone in the car is no exception.

As a teenager, I thrived on the freedom my driver’s license gave me. You see, I listened to groove metal and gangsta rap really loudly. Surprisingly, my parents weren’t into that, so much of my life was spent trying to find an excuse to drive somewhere so I could just jam and yell by/at myself. In my twenties, after marriage and children came on the scene, I realized that maybe this wasn’t a great idea. But not having had many good ideas yet, my wife Windee and I would just ride around with the radio on so quietly that we could tell a song was playing but couldn’t discern what it was; this kept us from arguing about what station it should be on.


As time passed, I began to think that maybe, just maybe, my faith should influence what I listen to; that maybe, just maybe, someone who created 200 sextillion stars should get some input into what goes in my ears. That’s when I began listening to worship music on the radio on my way to and from work. That was one of many ways God began to shape my understanding of his worth. But honestly, even though I still love to worship in song, I sort of got tired of the radio after a couple of years. It was the same artists singing the same songs about struggling with some vague sin in a style of music I generally don’t like. Is this petty on my part? Probably, but I seriously cannot listen to “I Can Only Imagine” ever again. Spotify and Pandora are good alternatives, but I still felt I wanted something that pushed my mind more than my feelings.

About five years ago, all my first-world media problems were finally solved by podcasts. I’ve seen more spiritual growth in myself in these last five years than I could’ve imagined (pun intended), much of it because I’m immersing myself in godly wisdom for an hour a day during my commute. If I had the sense at 16 to realize that my life wasn’t about being entertained or angry, I would’ve done whatever the 1994 version of podcasts was (reading?! *shudder*). The following are my favorite Christian podcasts (in order); God has used them in incredible ways to show me who he is: my only hope for meaning and happiness. You don’t have to like them, but I cannot encourage you enough to find something that will change your life instead of just entertain you.

1. Brant & Sherri Oddcast. I am Brant; Brant is me.

2. Unbelievable? The best way to deepen your convictions is to realize that the alternatives don’t make a lot of sense.

3. Ask Pastor John. No, seriously; ask him.

4. VOMRadio. Always makes me cry.

5. Reasonable Faith Podcast. We’re not just making this stuff up, y’all.

6. John Piper Sermons. Gold.

7. RZIM: Just Thinking Broadcasts. Ravi = critical thinking + compassion.

8. The Dave Ramsey Show. Turns out that having money helps your ability to give it away. Huh.


Steve Robinson. Lucky husband. Proud father. Likes sports and physics. Loves Jesus.

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