But, What's Above?

If I could have breakfast with anyone, or any meal for that matter, I'd choose the Apostle Paul. He's the kind of guy you want to attach yourself to, you know? One minute he's a domestic terrorist, slaughtering new believers without shame, and the next he's writing a tender letter to his beloved spiritual child in the faith, Timothy. With that pendulum swing of zealous fervor for Jesus, he lands with precious reminders to believers throughout his letters to the differing churches in the New Testament.

One of those reminders is to keep their spiritual eyes toward the heavens, to the seek the things that are above. In his letter to the church of Colossae, Paul is exhorting the church with the admonition that IF they have been raised with Christ through salvation, then to seek the things that are above (Colossians 3:1). What are those things that are above? If there is an emphatic command to seek things that are above, then surely this mean these things can be found! God's character proves true all throughout Scripture, and based on his character we know he wouldn't send us on some weird treasure hunt to search for things that cannot be found.

So, what are those things that can actually be found? What beauties and mysteries have you not had your spiritual senses enlightened to yet? Are you spiritually awake enough to see, taste, smell, feel and hear these things? Let yourself dream or imagine what those things could be. Ask him to reveal those things to you in a fresh way today.

- Louie

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